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The Berenstain Bears Blaze A Trail

RRP $9.99

Brother Bear, Sister Bear, and Cousin Fred are determined to get their Trailblazing Merit Badge.

They are carefully following the Bear Scouts guidebook. However, Papa Bear has some ideas of his own about the best way to blaze a trail. Through the swamp, the brambles, and Rocky Gorge, Papa forges ahead, getting himself into all kinds of problems. And as usual, the younger bears are able to help him out. That is until Papa Bear decides to make some trailblazer stew. . .

Literary legends Stan and Jan Berenstain's First Time Books address many of the issues of childhood in simple, direct ways, opening the door for discussion and leaving room for parents to personalize each situation.

The Keepers Of The Trail A Story Of The Great Woods

RRP $18.99

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.

Ride A Crooked Trail

RRP $15.99

There was bad blood between Hoyt and the Bonnetts. He carried the bullet scar where Riley, a Texas Ranger, had almost killed him. Leaving one dead in the dusty streets of El Paso, Hoyt and his partner made a run for it. Miles away they stopped in the small town of Jacksboro and to Hoyt's good fortune, he became the sheriff. He devised a scheme where he could relieve the town of its bankroll and kill two more Bonnetts in the process, then retire to some remote area and live out his life in ease. But some men don't kill easy and the Bonnetts were men from a feuding clan. They had been up the creek and over the mountain and to them 'root hog or die' was a way of life.


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Motorhome Caravan Trailer Camper
Camping Outback Offroad Trail

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