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Outback Cooking In A Camp Oven

RRP $18.95

This must-have book tells you how to cook everything – from Coopers-style whole baked fish to Nullarbor Ginger Roll and Strzelecki Damper – all in the camp oven. Born and raised in the outback, Jack Absalom is a well-known artist, bushman, raconteur and television personality.

Many of these popular recipes are from Jack’s uncle, Reg Absalom, who spent many years cooking on outback stations.

English Rose In The Outback

RRP $17.99

English Rose in the Outback Lady Daisy Forsythe-York has left the army for a new adventure in the Outback. She never expects to find it by fainting into the arms of handsome surgeon Oscar Price on her first day! It leads to one very unexpected night together...Could Oscar's reawakening of Daisy's desires lead to more than these two guarded hearts ever expected? A Family for Chloe Becoming a dad to his little niece Chloe and relocating to the Outback changes surgeon Felix McLaren's world...and brings him close to beautiful doctor Harriette Jones. Harriette's determined to focus on her future, but are Felix and Chloe what she's been missing all along-and is she the final piece of their family? Outback Surgeons These Outback heroes aren't looking for love, but in the caring country town of Meeraji's catching!

The Jackaroo 'outback Tales Of A 10 Pom'

RRP $27.50

The ten pound pom' was the description of those people who emigrated to Australia from Britain between 1945 to 1972. Government Assisted Passage Scheme devised by British and Australian government.Australian government subsidised the fare to only 10 paid by the immigrant. '10 Pom' was born.This is the personal memoir of one of these '10 pound Poms '. His history, the reason for the journey and life in the outback is set down in this book in an informative and interesting way.Included in these memoirs are snippets of living conditions and attitudes. Songs and tales of life. Personal struggles. Interesting information of the layout and job allocation. Risks of the job are many including the fauna and flora dangers that must not be overlooked. Tales of the outback and also tales of the locals and the passions and temperaments of the many interesting characters found in this wild but beautiful country. Enjoy this wonderful tale and dream of the life under the southern skies!


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