Supreme Territory

Take the Roads Less Travelled with Supreme’s All-Purpose Territory Caravans

The Supreme Territory Caravans at Freedom Offroad is built for heavy-duty adventures. Travelling off into unexplored lands becomes easier than ever with Supreme’s durable and all-terrain purpose Territory Caravans. Offering space, comfort and reliability, these caravans are built for our customers who dare to seek adventure. Whether you plan on staying on track or go off-road, all our customers can rest assured that with Supreme’s wide range of Territory units released from 2010 all the way to 2019, your journey is bound to remain safer than ever before.

Equipped with an oven, ceramic toilet, double-door fridge, microwave, air-conditioner and innerspring mattress and a fully functional washing machine – the Supreme Territory is not just a caravan, it’s a home on wheels. With premium lighting fixtures, your activities don’t have to be limited to the day. The Supreme Territory offers all of this and more, allowing you to take your adventures to the next level. With Freedom Offroad’s affordable travel options, let our long-lasting Territory Caravans help you take on Australia’s rough roads with comfort and style.