New Age OZ Classic

Discover everything Australia has to offer with our New Age OZ Classics

Our wide range of New Age OZ Classic includes some of our highly demanded, award-winning caravans. For customers who prefer luxury while travelling, the OZ Classics are in a league of their own. Dating all the way back to 2013, these luxury caravans have always retained their charm through their consistent key features. Offering customers nothing but the highest quality appliances and build, the New Age OZ Classics have remained a favourite among travel enthusiasts of all ages.

With a length of 20 ft, you need not worry about space when it comes to our OZ Classic caravans. Yet, even after being so spacious, the OZ Classic remains compact enough to fit through spots that are hard for most campers to get into. Featuring a practical kitchen along with a cafĂ© style dining area, we guarantee our customers nothing but luxury in this Caravan. With a Kenwood multi-media system, the entertainment options are endless even when you’re in remote locations. Topped off with central heating and solar panels, the New Age OZ Classic has everything you will ever need in a caravan. Stunning and sturdy, feel at ease more than ever as you set out on your next great adventure with our affordable OZ Classics.