New Age Manta Ray

Experience Luxury and Adventure with Our New Age Manta Rays

At Freedom Offroad, we believe that innovation is always the key. With our extensive range of New Age Manta Ray Caravans manufactured in 2017, we provide our valued customers with the travel experience of a lifetime. Known for its spacious interiors, the Manta Ray is guaranteed to bring you utmost comfort as you set off on your journey. Featuring an all-new roof design system and an aluminium body top, our New Age Manta Rays are strong and sleek with the most suitable pricing options. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a tour around Australia, trust our affordable range of Manta Ray Caravans to help you travel better than ever.

Easy to tow and durable, the New Age Manta Rays also come with a galvanised chassis, ensuring that it can brave all kinds of roads and weathers. New Age has spent years designing the perfect Caravan, and their Manta Rays are a testament to their quality and resistance. Featuring European windows, 9kg gas bottles and an electric water heating system, there’s nothing that these caravans can’t handle. With our extensive range of stable, strong and modern Manta Rays, our customers are free to roam wherever their heart takes them, without worrying about mobility issues.