New Age Caravans

Freedom Off-road takes pride in offering our customers nothing short of the best. With our collection of new and used New Age Caravans, we’re able to provide you with the travel experience that remains unmatched by anything else. Since 2008, New Age has been revolutionising the caravan industry with their innovative, resistant and compact designs. From rustic, wooden interiors to modern caravans equipped with the latest technology, our diverse range of premium New Age Caravans have all the options you will ever need.

  • With layouts designed for solo, couple and family travels, New Age Caravans are the perfect choice for our diverse clientele here at Freedom Off-road. Matters not what your adventure is, our New Age Caravans are more than capable of braving all kinds of storms. With their state of the art exteriors and interiors, New Age Caravans are affordable but feature all the markings of a luxury caravan.

    From the Manta Ray, Big Red, Oz Classic to the Road Owl, New Age Caravans have a huge range of options to choose from. Every Caravan in Freedom Off-road’s New Age range is consistent in terms of quality and build, providing the same luxurious experience regardless of the price range. Fully fitted with features like a spacious kitchen, dining area, queen-sized bed, TV unit and a varying range of sizes, the comfort and convenience of a New Age Caravan is unmatched.

New Age Caravans are built for people will a knack for adventure. Whether you want to travel on-road or odd-road, New Age Caravans are carefully designed to perform their best in all conditions. Experience immense comfort as you take on even the harshest of paths with New Age’s skilfully manufactured caravans that prioritise your comfort and safety over everything else.

Explore everything Australia has to offer without any hassle. With Freedom Off-road’s range of durable and long-lasting New Age Caravans, let yourself experience efficiency unlike ever before. Whether you like to travel alone or with a companion, find yourself the New Age Caravan that suits your plans and budget and set off on your great journey, knowing that with us, you’re in safe hands.