Lotus Caravans

Lotus has been a leading name in the caravan industry since 2004. Combining top quality materials and bespoke craftsmanship, Lotus Caravans are the first choice for many of our customers at Freedom Offroad. Delivering a caravanning experience unlike any other, our wide range of Lotus Caravans is specially designed for those who have a passion for adventure whether you’re looking for a new model or hunting for the perfect pre-loved Caravan, Freedom Offroadhas the answer to all your problems!

Every model in our impeccable Lotus range has been designed to offer our customers nothing but the best. With its cutting edge technology and innovative designs, every Lotus Caravan is guaranteed to provide you with the experience, comfort and luxury of a lifetime. Skillfully crafted using nothing but premium quality materials, Freedom Offroad’sLotus Caravans redefine the world of caravanning.

  • Top Quality water tanks to ensure a constant freshwater supply
  • Braking mechanisms with underbody armour to guarantee maximum protection
  • A high-quality plumbing system
  • Customisable floor plans
  • Providing luxury and comfort while being resistant to harsh Australian weather conditions
  • All 2019 models backed by a five-year warranty

Whether you’re looking for a short weekend getaway or a long-term escape from your busy schedule, everything is possible with our collection of Lotus Caravans. With models that are built to suit all kinds of needs, Lotus Caravans are guaranteed to provide all our customers with an unforgettable travel experience. Through the combination of technology with tradition, Freedom Offroadoffers you a whole new world of touring when you choose our Lotus Caravans. With models such as the Off-Grid, Freelander and Trooper, our diverse range of Lotus campers is sure to cover all bases.

Featuring resistant exteriors and the most comfortable interiors, Lotus Caravans are sure to help you travel practically and in style. Featuring premium benchtops, matte black sinks, spacious storage areas and a top-notch entertainment system, Lotus Caravans are your perfect home away from home. With triple panel solar power, battery systems and abundant water storage, heating and cooling systems, every Lotus Caravan are designed to provide you with everything you might ever need on a trip! Lay back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life with Freedom Offroad’sextensive Lotus Caravans – helping you experience nothing but luxury, anywhere you go!