Jayco Expanda

Compact and Lightweight – Travel Hassle-Free With Our Jayco Expanda Range

Freedom Offroad believes in offering affordable travel options for everyone. With our Jayco Expanda Caravans, it matters not if you’re travelling alone or with your entire family. These lightweight caravans have enough space for over six people to sleep in. Designed to provide nothing but comfort, our wide range of Expanda Caravans are the first choice for families who like to set out on great adventures on a suitable budget.

Built with the highest technology, space-saving and family-friendly living, dining, storage and kitchen areas; the Jayco Expanda is nothing short of a travel enthusiast’s dream. It is perfectly suitable for any weather with its air conditioning along with specialised hail and dust resistant interiors. Launched back in 2013, the Jayco Expanda has always prioritised customer comfort. With Freedom Offroad, our customers experience nothing but the best with our Jayco Expanda Caravans. Give yourself the comfort and ease of the Jayco Pop-Tops and expand your holiday adventures with the new Jayco 2020 Expanda Pop-Top range, designed to offer you safety, innovation and ease – all at once.