Jayco Caravans

At Freedom Offroad, we value and prioritise our customers’ trust in us. With our premium range of new and used Jayco Caravans, you can rest assured that your trip is in safe hands. Combining affordability with class, our wide range of Jayco Caravans are suited to serve every need and every budget. Whether you’re looking to travel alone or with your entire family, there’s not a problem that our Jayco Caravans can’t solve!

Designed specifically for Australian roads and weather conditions, Jayco is a name that has retained its prestige over the years. With Jayco’s consistently premium construction, the brand is trusted by thousands all over the country for their caravanning needs. Matters not how you prefer to travel. From rustic and traditional to luxury and class – With Freedom Offroad’scollection of Jayco Caravans, everyone who comes to us will find their needs met.

  • Jayco is a trusted name in the caravan industry for a reason. With 50 years of consistent quality and exceptional craftsmanship, Jayco Caravans are in a league of their own. If you’re still not convinced as to why you should opt for a caravan in Freedom Offroad’sJayco range, let us give you a few reasons to trust us:

    • Unmatched engineering process
    • Top-quality materials used for construction
    • Industry-leading Warranty
    • Family-friendly floor plans
    • Focused on cutting down waste and energy consumption
    • Providing better RV fuel efficiency

Over the span of 50 years, Jayco has released enough models to suit all kinds of travellers. Whether you like to travel traditionally or if you prefer a more modern and convenient method of caravanning, there’s nothing our range of premium Jayco Caravans can’t do. With their exceptionally strong aluminium build, Jayco Caravans are built to last.

With the brand’s lightweight, easy-to-tow models, you can rest assured that your trips won’t require the usual hassle of setting and packing up. With compactness and convenient at the centre of every model in our Jayco range, Freedom Offroadguarantees an impeccable experience every time you choose us. Whether you’re travelling solo or in a group, with one of our new caravans or a used one, you can trust Freedom Offroad’sdiverse Jayco range to make every minute of your adventure better than the last.