Avan Caravans

Here, at Freedom Offroad, we strive to bring nothing but the best to our customers. With our diverse range of Avan Caravans, Freedom Offroad holds the reputation of being one of the leading caravan dealers in Australia. For over 20 years, Avan has been a trusted name in the travelling industry. Known for its high-quality manufacturing, Avan has the edge over all its competitors because of their ability to build caravans that are sure to outlast any conditions. 

  • The idea behind all Avan Caravans is simple and practical. Every product generated by the brand is made to be lightweight and easy-to-handle. Freedom Offroad’s carefully selected range of the most premium Avan Caravans takes our customers and their convenience into utmost consideration. At the most affordable prices, we provide you with caravans that are the perfect fit for your personality, within your preferred budget.

    With their smart design, our Avan Caravans are a mile apart from the rest. With bespoke construction techniques, sophisticated and compact floor plans and hand-crafted interiors, travelling with an Avan Caravan is sure to be an experience of a lifetime. Providing space and comfort, Freedom Offroad’s Avan range has all the luxuries of a home away from home.

Versatility is key when it comes to our collection of Avan Caravans. With models like the Avan Hardtops, Pop-Tops, Aspire and countless others, all of our customers are guaranteed to find something that’s the perfect fit for their adventures. Featuring innovative and resistant interiors and exteriors, Avan Caravans give you all the security and peace of mind. With features like water tanks, full en-suite, well-equipped kitchens and enough space for storage, our Avan Range offers more than just caravans; it offers an experience like never before. 

Find yourself the travel companion you deserve, with Freedom Offroad’s premium range of new and used Avan Caravans. Offering you maximum value for your time and money, our adventure-loving customers can rest assured that with Avan Caravans, they’re investing in the journey of a lifetime. Enjoy the sophistication and innovation that comes with every Avan Caravan as you take on the great Australian outdoors with utmost finesse.