8 Questions to ask before purchasing a Used Caravan

Caravanning while exploring the scenic beauty of Australia may sound like the perfect getaway plan for escaping everyday life’s exhaustion but buying a used caravan is not that relaxing. While understandably friendlier on the pocket, used caravans can quickly turn out to be a nightmare if not chosen smartly. Following are eight questions that’ll help you spot a “lemon” in terms of used caravans.

  1. What Prerequisites Should I Keep In Mind Before Starting A Caravan Hunt?

Knowing your prerequisites can effectively shorten your used caravan hunting time or better yet, can make it worthwhile. Your prerequisites may include the size of the van you need (number of people that’ll be sleeping in it), towing capacity of your vehicle and having a vague idea of your travel plans and destinations.



  1. What Do I Need To Know About A Used Caravan?

When buying a pre-loved caravan you need to know about the van’s age and make, its service history, type of adventures it’s been on, ownership history, where it lives when it’s not on adventures and whether the seller has current gas and electricity certificate. Knowing such details can influence your decision to buy significantly.



  1. What Should I Not Compromise On In A Used Van?

When it’s only realistic not to expect used caravans to be in a tiptop condition and ignoring few minor dents, scratches and discolouration seem to be an unwanted part that comes with it. At the same time, it’s also wise to keep your eyes wide open for any significant repairs that can cost you a hunk later. Inspect the Caravan for:


  • rust (including van’s bottom),
  • cracks in chassis
  • ineffective handbrake
  • condition of van’s axle
  • improper mobility of jockey wheel and tow hitch

In short, a used caravan that can jeopardise your safety and is expensive to repair as well should be avoided at best.



  1. What Main Things Should I Look For On The Inside Of A Used Caravan?

You can make your checklist containing your must-have features but more importantly, check the Caravan for insects and ants, walls and ceiling for holes, whether it’s fitted with fire alarms and extinguishers and if the main door locks appropriately.



  1. What Deserves My Special Attention In A Used Van’s Interior?

Older caravans usually have a higher moisture level which can be expensive to fix. Run a basic test using a damp meter to eliminate any serious damp problems.



  1. What Can Put Me In A Good Bargaining Position?

Identifying minor problems such as those with retractable beds, cupboard catches, floor, seating etc. can put you in a good bargaining position.


  1. What Unexpected Bills Can I Avoid Ahead Of Time?

Making sure of satisfactory performance of electrical appliances, gas appliances, and water system ahead of time can decrease chances of unforeseen repair bills.



  1. How Can I Make Sure The Caravan Is Not Stolen?

Ask for ID and ownership proof. Using VIN, verify the registered keeper’s name and whether it has been reported missing.